2014 Walden Woods Challenge Award

Photo Credit: Kevin Mazur/WireImage
From left to right: Robert Redford, Deepika, and Don Henley (Photo Credit: Kevin Mazur/WireImage)

Deepika was the youngest recipient of the 2014 Walden Woods Environmental Challenge Award. During the awards ceremony held at the Wang Citi Theater in Boston, she had the opportunity to meet with Oscar winning actor Robert Redford and Eagles band member Don Henley, who both share her passion for protecting the environment.

From the Walden Woods website: “In 2014, the Walden Woods Project recognized one individual and three organizations that have focused on unique environmental challenges at a local, regional or national level. These Challenge Awards highlight a focus of purpose and effort that has allowed the recipient to create new opportunities and solutions to a specific pressing question. Their efforts serve as a model for others who would face similar challenges and who seek an effective, constructive and sustainable outcome. As such, they represent many others who could be similarly recognized.”